Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Country Roads, Take Me Home

About a quarter-mile from our new house is a dirt road with basically no houses on it. This is very convenient, because it means that I can walk with all the kids to that road and they can run far ahead of me without worrying too much about cars. Cars are few and far between, and going pretty slow in any case because of the rocks on the road.

This also means we can take a walk without venturing into the woods. This is important, because the woods around here are no joke. They go for a long way with no interruption, and it's pretty easy to get lost in them. A. went into the woods across the street from our house with Cubby and Charlie last week, and even he got a little lost.

So, no woods for me, thanks.

But this dirt road is perfect. It's close enough that I can carry Jack home when he's had enough of walking. Mia and the children can run freely right down the middle. There are wild berry bushes along the side of the road for leisurely snacking. And the stop sign at the end of it is a perfect target for spear-throwing little boys.

Country idylls 'R' us.


Anna said...

Are you practicing bear-avoidance with the boys? :)

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Anna: Those boys are so loud, no bear is going to come within a mile of their shrieking. At least I hope not.