Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fairy Notes

Cubby has been very slow to lose any teeth--which appears to be genetic, because A. was, too--and even the tooth that has been loose for weeks now was reluctant to let go entirely. In fact, the new tooth grew in behind the loose tooth, which is not ideal. 

Finally, after some effort, A. managed to pull the loose tooth out this evening. It was very exciting for everyone.

Okay, mostly if was exciting for Cubby, but we all cheered in solidarity.

Cubby asked me if he could keep the tooth. Sure, I said. Then he asked me if the Tooth Fairy would still bring him a present if he kept his tooth.

Sure, I said again. I make the rules, right? I mean, being the Boss Fairy and all. I told him he could leave a note with instructions if he was concerned. So he did.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, I love my tooth very much. Please leave whatever you want."

The Tooth Fairy is going to leave a whole quarter. Because he used the magic word.


Anonymous said...

Grandmother tearing up here!! So dear.

Anonymous said...

Good for Cubby! He will be a good negotiator later in life. Mary in MN

flask said...

that is so cute i could just die.

that kid is going places.