Saturday, August 13, 2016

We're Gonna Bop, We're Gonna Bowl*

Last night when I was relating to A. how I stopped Jack from pounding on the bare wood floor downstairs with a toy, I noted that the floors seem to be pretty indestructible. He told me that they're made of maple, like a bowling alley.

YES. EXACTLY. That's what they reminded me of.

All we're missing is the gutter.

So I'm basically living in a bowling alley with three screaming small boys. Super. 

More rugs, stat.

And now, because I know you (where you=my mother) want to see more photos of the house . . . 

This is a very blurry photo of the upstairs living area, kitchen, and front door. I was standing near the door leading to the elevated porch.

This was the first place we put a rug. It made everyone much happier immediately, including Mia, who was wondering where the hell she was supposed to lie down in this godforsaken hard place.

Standing by the front door looking into the living room. To the right, you can see the Toddler Safety Nightmare Stairs descending to the lower floor.

Someone will fall down these stairs eventually. I can only hope he doesn't fall too far.

Maybe I'll take some photos of the lower level later to share with you. Try to contain your excitement.

* This song has been in my head ever since the conversation with A., but I really shouldn't be going around singing "We're gonna scooore tonight." Though I suppose the children are too young for the innuendo.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very different from Blackrock! Can you put a babygate at the top of those stairs? Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

We tried that, but Jack was pushing at the gate and the other kids were trying to move it, and it seemed more dangerous to have it there than not. They're all actually very careful on the stairs, but I'm sure some kind of accident will happen eventually. We put a lot of rugs at the bottom, so at least there's a soft landing.

This house was built for two adults. Definitely not for children.

tu mere said...

You're such a considerate child! I'm finally getting around to looking at all the blogs I missed so - thanks. Like the look of the rugs you've been able to transport. You definitely have somewhat indoor cautious kids, so that's a plus on the stairs.