Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Unsung Heroes

This morning as I was sitting in the living room enjoying my coffee, the blissful quiet that comes from sleeping children, and the Christmas lights, the snow plow went by on the road. And I thought, for the 20th time, "Man, those are some impressive plow guys."*

They really are. The plowing in this township is incredibly diligent and prompt. Our tiny, very unpopulated street here is plowed much more promptly than the busy main road we lived on at Blackrock. I suppose it's because there's just so much snow here that the plowing is a regular thing and scheduled for accordingly. But I tell you what: I really, really appreciate it.

In fact, it occurred to me that it would not be amiss to bring some kind of holiday treat to the town barn where the plow guys are based. They do at least as much for quality of life here as the mail lady or the dump lady, both of whom will be receiving a loaf of homemade bread or a jar of jelly as a Christmas gift.

What do you think the plow guys would like? Probably a day off, but I can't give them that.

* In the interest of fairness, I suppose there could be plow women too, but it's unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Cookies ...portable.

sheila said...

I second cookies. Muffins would be good too. Anything you can grab in one hand. Nothing fancy. Skip the decorated cut out cookies (like you had time for those anyway). Chocolate chip is a one size fits all. Brownies or other bar cookies, even easier. It's the thought that counts, don't work too hard.

Joellen said...

Do you make cinnamon rolls? Biscuits and a jar of jelly. I third the cookie idea. Chocolate chip, oatmeal, brownies, butterscotch brownies.

Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Seconding Sheila's "anything you can grab in one hand" criterion.

Kay said...

Jerky, homemade summer sausage, venison sticks. Men like "meat!" Here on the wind-swept prairie, we love our "maintainer guys" and our Rural Power guys (summer thunderstorms take out power often) too.

Jen said...

My husband is a "plow guy" (he works for the State of Ohio). How nice of you to remember them! Most people just like to complain LOL!
They would be grateful for anything. Regular old chocolate chip cookies are a favorite.
Or soup, as they're often cold since the end of their shift usually entails cleaning out the truck of excess salt and cleaning up all the ice.

tu mere said...

Great ideas above. Anything you make is super; it's the thought that really counts.