Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fodder in the Playroom

Yesterday evening I was upstairs doing dishes when I heard the children shrieking from downstairs, "SHEEP IN THE HOUSE! THE SHEEP ARE IN THE HOUSE!"

I went downstairs to find the four remaining rams milling around in the kids' bedroom.


A. was moving their fence, so they were wandering around and apparently wandered right through the downstairs door that one of the children left open.

They were happy enough to follow me back outside, though. After all, it's not as if there was any corn in the kids' bedroom.

I did not run upstairs to get the camera to take a photo for you, because I really wanted them out of the house quickly.

I shut the door and went to find A. "Your sheep were just in the kids' bedroom," I said. "But at least they didn't poop in there*."

"That's a good story," he replied. "Good blog fodder, right?"

As if our whole lives aren't blog fodder without even trying.

Then, when the kids were picking up downstairs before bed, they discovered that while the sheep hadn't pooped in their bedroom, they HAD pooped in the playroom.

Even more super.

Luckily, sheep poop is relatively dry and inoffensive and easy to clean up. Easy for A. to clean up, anyway, because I certainly wasn't doing it. And the boys, of course, found the whole thing HILARIOUS.

Come on, cold weather. We need to do some more slaughtering.

* It's important to be cool when dealing with things like sheep. Otherwise you'd spend all your time getting hysterical about things like livestock in your house.


Anonymous said...

Two thoughts: chickens in the house would be much worse in the poop department. Also, the old stories that feature things like sheep and goats in houses--well, let's say that the boys are experiencing a traditional childhood (all good for the immune system--). MIL

tu mere said...

I'm absolutely positive the kid's immune system is premo based on their, shall we say, unique lifestyle since birth. Love the visual of you as shepherd!

Anonymous said...

Who needs pictures, I was having a good time just imagining it. Good blog fodder indeed. :) Beth

cheryl soergel said...

I have just started your blog and just finished Mother's Day box post. Your children are adorable and boy that little girl will never have to worry about somebody picking on her. Cheryl