Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall! Oh Wait . . .

Yes, today is the official start of fall. So why is my forecast calling for 87 degrees on Sunday?

That is not sweater weather.

(I think that the weather is supposed to be some kind of online conversational suicide, right? But too bad. That's what I'm talking about today.)

Last weekend it was 84 degrees here, so we took the kids to a local lake beach for a dinner cookout and their last chance to swim. Except apparently it wasn't their last chance, because we have multiple days coming up that are going to be over 80 degrees.

In case you missed it, I do not live in southern Arizona. It is not supposed to be hot here at the end of September.

So much for the frozen north.

The tomatoes, of course, are loving this hot, sunny weather. Especially under their cozy woodchuck greenhouse. A. is the designated harvester this year, as the greenhouse requires a person to duck and literally crawl around to actually get to the tomatoes, and those are not things the 8-months-pregnant body can do without great difficulty. So every couple of days, A. goes out there and proudly bears into the house a big box full of ripe tomatoes.

I spent this morning making salsa and pressure canning it--plus a few random quart jars of plain, raw-pack, not-even-skinned chunks of tomatoes--to take care of the fifty pounds or so of tomatoes that were on the counter. I expect the same amount of tomatoes will be landing on my counter tomorrow.

Sure would have been nice if the tomatoes could have ripened when I wasn't due to have a baby, like, ANY TIME, but I'm not complaining. Much. And I'm trying not to complain too much about the unseasonable heat, because I know I'll be desperate for any hint of warmth in March.

But still. Eighty-seven degrees. That's crazy.

How's the weather where you are, my lovelies?


sheila said...

Cold, rainy and overcast in Seattle after a hot, dry and very sunny summer. Weather switch happened about 10 days ago. It was an overnight turnaround, 90's to high 50's/low 60's during the day. Had to turn the furnace on last night for the first time since May.

The only thing I miss about upstate NY weather is that there were at least a few days of sun in the winter. Here in the Northwest the cloudy intense damp weather lasts for months with no break to let even a bit of sun shine through.

How are your ankles and feet holding up? I remember heat and last trimester didn't mix well for me. My feet were so swollen I couldn't wear shoes and had the shuffle around in slippers.

Anonymous said...

Here in St. Paul it's 91 degrees! When I went to the grocery store to buy blue berries this afternoon, I encountered a sign that said, "Due to the warm weather in the southern states, we have a shortage of all berries." Mary in MN

Tammy said...

It is 87 here in SE Georgia, but that is nothing unusual for our region.
Should be 92 on Thursday, definitely swimming weather.

I will say that the nights are cool, and I love it.
Despite the heat, I do have my fall decorations out. Can't let a little
heat get in the way of my fave things! lol

How about making spaghetti sauce, or generic pasta sauce, with some of
the tomatoes, and then freezing it? Would save work maybe, and heat, from
canning. Just a thought.

Hang in there, mama. The cool IS coming!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Sheila: Definitely a little plump, but nothing too noticeable, and certainly nothing like the swelling I got with Charlie's July due date pregnancy. Ugh.

Tammy: That does save work and heat, though I already have several quarts of tomato sauce in the freezer. I'm trying not to use up too much of the freezer space in the stand-alone freezer because we'll need it soon for the lambs.

Daisy said...

Here in northeastern Wisconsin the temps hit 90 today. Ridiculous, really. September? Watering the garden and working up a sweat? Ugh.