Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It Appears a Dairy Cow Is In Our Future

I went to the grocery store yesterday and I realized that over half of the items on my list were dairy foods: cream cheese, cottage cheese, butter, milk, Parmesan cheese, and buttermilk*.

No regular cheese, though. And why no regular cheese? Because A. went to the cheese factory in our local village a few days ago and came home with this:

You are looking at 17 pounds of cheese. That's right. Seventeen.

The larger brick is just over ten pounds of sharp cheddar, and the slightly smaller brick is just over six pounds of mozzarella. 

You may find this ludicrous. Perhaps you think that A. just got carried away and brought home more cheese than we could ever eat.

Nope. This is the third time we've bought this quantity of cheese. It lasts us a little over a month.

You could say we eat a lot of cheese. And butter, milk, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese . . .

Yeah. We're gonna have to get a dairy cow some day. And that day is probably going to be sooner rather than later.

* No cream, but only because I go to a different store for that to get the real, not-ultra-pasteurized cream.


Anonymous said...

There is that two times a day milking you might want to think about. :)

sheila said...

You will have to make cheese for sure because that cow is going to easily give you 3 to 5 gallons of milk a day. Then you will have to get pigs to eat all the excess whey from cheese processing. It will take several hours a day to milk, process and clean and sanitize everything. Then there is the cow to feed and the manure to muck. At least you will have plenty of fertilizer for the garden.

Nah, been there done dairy farming. I'm going to stick with soy milk, it's easier. Guess I got lazy in my old age and it's so much less work to milk a soy bean and make tofu.

Daisy said...

You and your family would feel right at home in America's Dairyland, Wisconsin. Cheese!!