Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Celebrating with Carbohydrates

How to celebrate the momentous occasion of my 38th birthday today? First with pancakes.

Made on the new griddle my parents gave me that cooks three whole pancakes at a time. They've given me HOURS of my life back.

Then with a solo walk*, followed by a shower.

And tonight, with spaghetti and meatballs--pre-made and pulled from the freezer, as was the sauce--followed by cake and ice cream. The cake is the top tier of our second wedding cake. I didn't think my parents would mind if I used it as a birthday cake instead of an anniversary cake next November. This way, I get to eat cake without having to bake it.

Good thing that pesky gestational diabetes is gone. 

And all I had to do to get rid of it was deliver these cheeks. Good trade.

Happy birthday to me. Pass the carbs.

* It was ten degrees below zero, but very sunny and with very little wind, so it wasn't bad. Besides, as A. once memorably remarked, "You would lie on a bed of nails if you could do it without the children." Too true.


Anna said...

I got a griddle pan for Christmas too! Hoping it will save time with grilled cheese sandwiches, too :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, another December birthday for your family. Happy Birthday!

AND the best part, you don't have to cook ANYTHING for dinner tonight!


Marsha said...

Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

tu mere said...

Great comment, A., and oh so true!