Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Sauce

There was a new vendor at the tiny farmers market in the tiny village I pass through on my way to the dump. I had stopped by to pick up some tomatoes, with some vague idea of making Finny's tomato sauce if I got enough. The very friendly young woman at the new booth (which, yes, makes me feel about a hundred years old to say, but she was young--like 23 or so) had various quart-size containers of tomatoes and so on for two dollars each.

I asked her for the container of Romas, and she asked, "Do you sauce?" I replied in the affirmative, still looking at cucumbers and green beans and other things. "Do you sauce?" she asked again, a little more forcefully. "Yes," I said, looking directly at her this time and wondering if this was some kind of code and she was going to hand over a bag of weed or something.

Instead she asked me if I wanted a whole box of Romas for twenty dollars. I didn't quite have twenty dollars, though, so I asked her if she would be there next week. And then she lowered her voice a little and said, "You can have the box for fifteen."

Deal. I have a LOT of tomatoes now and a lot of Finny's tomato sauce in my future. Plus, I feel like a member of a secret club.

So tell me, my lovelies: Do you sauce?


Daisy said...

I do! I do sauce! My tomatoes are a little late this year (my own fault, but that's another story), so I've been buying boxes of tomatoes from the farmers' markets just to satisfy myself that I am making enough sauce to take us through the winter. Romas are awesome for saucing!

tu mere said...

I should 'cause I can buy tomatoes at the store, and it's so much better for you than canned; just lazy I guess. Your comment about "secret code" was really good. Thanks for the smile, and glad you finally got your tomato fix.

lindsey @ HerbandFlowerSoapCo said...

I totally sauced yesterday! 8 Pints or so.
I didn't roast them or anything, just simmered the whole mess, whirled it with the stick blender, bottles and water bathed. Done.
Good score at the market. Nice!

FinnyKnits said...

I should have a case of tomatoes waiting for me at work today after my trip. And I plan to sauce my ass off this weekend because I'm a party girl. I just wish someone would ask me if I sauced. Just sounds cool and subversive.