Friday, August 28, 2015


Cubby and Charlie are at this very moment hunting in the gully. This is the small gully right outside the garden fence. Cubby spent about an hour sitting in the brush there yesterday, scoping it out. He had great plans today to get a chipmunk, because it was the only animal unwise enough to get close to him. Charlie is also along for the hunt.

I didn't know Charlie was with Cubby, however, so when I yelled for Cubby to ask if Charlie was there, too, the reply was, "MOOOOOM!!! We're hunting! You're making me scare off the animals!"


Two minutes later, Cubby appeared to put Mia inside, because she was also impeding the Great Chipmunk Hunt.

I can even now hear Cubby yelling, "Otty! Come here!" I expect Otty will also be banished to the house in the next minute or two.

Nothing gets in the way of a boy and his chipmunk hunt.


Anonymous said...

Is he going to catch it with his bare hands?


tu mere said...

What a terrific, time consuming, away from mom but close enough for mom to check on said hunters, activity. And, I'm just guessing here, no furry animal will be harmed in the process. Golden!

Anonymous said...

Cubby and Charlie need to have a hunting song! Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Moi: He has a spear. Obviously. Doesn't every five-year-old?

Mere: No, no chipmunk was delivered to me for dinner preparation, thankfully.

Mary: That might scare off the animals, though.