Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just Like Brad Pitt

Is Brad Pitt still a thing? Do the paparazzi still stalk him? Or is it now someone like Justin Bieber?

Hell if I know. I have three kids under six. I'm pretty much the definition of unhip.


Charlie is not down with the photos these days. If I sneak up on him, I might get a couple before he realizes I'm there with the dreaded camera, but then . . .

Rowing his ship.

Captain Charlie at the controls.

"NOOOO! No pictures!"

I expect to hear from his lawyer any day now.


tu mere said...

Stealth mom wins again. Too bad he doesn't understand how much joy those pictures give all us readers. Course, at his age, even if he did, he'd still get upset with the camera. Again, awesome shot of another of your children being creative. Special.

Anonymous said...

Also way behind the curve, but I'm pretty sure Pitt and Beiber still get stalked. Doubt they get caught doing anything that cute/creative though! Awesome photos - Charlie just has to learn to ignore the camera...