Saturday, January 6, 2018

Because Everything's Relative

Cubby and Charlie spent some time this morning running around looking out of windows at the spectacular drifts of snow and whining about not being allowed outside.

It was 15 below zero with a windchill of 40 below zero. No, children, you may not go outside. I try to be at least a little bit of a responsible parent, you see.

I did promise them, however, that they could go out when the wind and temperature had moderated a bit.

At noon, when Jack was down for his nap, I looked at the weather station and saw that it was nine below zero with a windchill of 25 below zero.

Seems moderate to me! Out you go, kids!

I sent them to the mailbox to get the mail, which accomplished three things:

1) It got them out of the house,

2) It saved me from having to go out there to check the mail, and

3) It meant I now have two new DVDs of DuckTales for them to watch later, because the mail included our next Netflix delivery.

I only let them stay out for eight minutes, because of the very real danger of frostbite, but at least they got out to climb 10-foot drifts for a little while. I'm pretty sure those drifts won't be melting anytime soon, which means lots more outdoor fun in the future. When the weather is bit less life-threatening, that is.

Cubby came in grinning and exclaiming, "That was GREAT! This is the best day of my life!" And Charlie, not to be outdone, proclaimed that it felt as warm as summer outside.

Sure. Crazy kids.


Anonymous said...

It's tough not being able to go outside, especially when you're a kid.
I usually go for a walk everyday & miss it if I can't get outside. I did get out today, all bundled up with 1,000 layers on, at least it felt like that many. Glad the furnace is holding its own for you.

tu mere said...

Too bad the kids won't get to use the indoor pool again, but awesome the heat is on. In my world your indoor temperature isn't really warm, but it's all relative.

Getting dressed for outside probably took almost as long as their outside time, but those are the trade offs that are totally worth it, I'm sure. What is it that people say - you'll look back on these times and laugh. Sure.