Friday, January 5, 2018

This Moment by the Numbers

Current outdoor temperature: 11 degrees below zero

Current windspeed: 19 miles an hour

Current windchill: 35 degrees below zero

Current indoor temperature: 67 degrees above zero, because of . . .

Current working furnaces: 1--HOORAY!

Current children home from school: 2

Current household members sleeping: 3 (Jack, Poppy, and A., who is sick)

Current cups of hot cocoa being consumed: 3

Current number of marshmallows in the cups: 6

Current number of dogs in hibernation mode: 1


Anonymous said...

I was about to call to see how you were faring--I'm sorry that A is sick and hope that everyone who is awake is enjoying their chocolate. MIL

Anonymous said...

But did you ever get milk!! Mary in MN

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Mary: Oh yes. Currently 3 gallons in the refrigerator. I wouldn't have made cocoa without it.