Saturday, March 3, 2018

I'm Going With Better Late than Never

Pop quiz: What do you know about Cumbria?

Yeah. I didn't know anything about it either. Except now I know that Joanne--a.k.a. Europafox--lives there and I can read all about it on her blog. This is way fun, because she talks about cocklers and uses words like "stodge" (for comfort food) and I just love that.

Also, you should know that A., who is something of a savant about geography and can rattle off facts and statistics for the most remote regions of the globe, knows little to nothing about Cumbria.

Anyway, Joanne included me in a group of bloggers she had some questions for, and I'm just now getting to them. I typed this whole thing with a sleeping baby on my lap. That sleeping baby--and the fact that she won't sleep anywhere BUT my lap lately--is my excuse for the delay.

Here we go.

1. If you had 15 minutes in a super-market sweep to grab what you could, what would it be?

Meat, dairy, eggs. We eat SO MUCH meat, dairy, and eggs, and it's so expensive. We go through about four gallons of whole milk in a week, approximately five dozen eggs, and Lord knows how many pounds of meat. And let us not forget The Cheese, of course.

2. If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party (can be from history), who would they be and why? 

Actually, if I could invite five people to a dinner party, it would be my family, because they live many hundreds of miles away and I don't see them nearly enough. Meeting Jesus or someone would be cool, I guess, but I think I would rather eat dinner with my brother.

3. Describe your ideal party. 

I, uh, don't really do parties, being a rather extreme introvert. So the only parties where I feel comfortable are ones where I know everyone already. And my ideal party would not involve my children, because while I love them, they pretty much destroy any attempts at relaxation. In addition, there should be good food of the easy to eat variety--chips and dip are always good--and gin. So that means I have to not be nursing or hauling children, and . . . yeah. My ideal party is definitely a fantasy.

4. What is your favourite Christmas film?

A tie between "A Claymation Christmas" (a family tradition) or "A Christmas Story." But I have to give a shout-out here to a movie called "Christmas Story"--no "A"-- that we watched for the first time this year. It's a (dubbed) Finnish movie that tells the backstory of the legend of Santa Claus, and it's so pretty and charming and Cubby and Charlie loved it. You should try it if you can find it. I got it from Netflix DVD.

5. If you could institute one global law what would it be?

No talking on cell phones in public restrooms. I would actually ban them entirely if I could, but starting with public restrooms would be first. So obnoxious. And echo-y.

6. If you could belt a tune out on karaoke better than the original artist what would it be and where would you sing it?

I have no answer for this, except to share that A. often says I should enter karaoke competitions and win lots of money (I have a pretty good voice, but he's kind of tone deaf, so take this with a grain of salt), and I have to kindly respond every time that I would rather smash my thumb with a hammer again.

7. If you had to choose between living without make-up for a year or a smart phone for a year what would it be? 

I don't regularly use either, so you can take 'em both.

8. Who inspires you most in your day to day life?

A., because he also challenges me the most. This is both good and bad.

9. If you could pick any epitaph for your life – what would you choose?

I mentioned this one to A., and he intoned solemnly, "She always cooked dinner." I can't decide if that's funny or pathetic.

10. Who was your first famous crush on?

Dalton James, who was in a forgettable movie called My Father the Hero. He appears to have aged pretty well. And is now 46 years old, which is only eight years older than I am. Funny how I remember him seeming to be SO much older when I was 15 years old and he was 23.

11. Do you have a hair or fashion faux-paux from the past you would like to obliterate with a magic wand, if so what would it be?

Not really, because I've never been into fashion or hair. These are the lamest answers ever, aren't they? 

Joanne has outed me as remarkably boring. But I think you all knew that already, right?


Europafox said...

You are SO not boring!! In fact you are a proper droll wit! I LOVE the fact you could live without your phone and makeup because you do a lot of the time anyway, same with the fashion and hair thing - it makes you an individual! An individual who buys a lot of eggs - blimey Charlie, that is A LOT of eggs! I am going to look for that movie on Netflix BTW - sounds right up my street! The epitaph is great - my equivalent might be 'she always paired the socks' or something like that. THANKS for doing this - I loved reading your answers and getting to know you more - you write so well. Have a BRILL week-end! Joanne x

Anonymous said...

Now all of your readers know so much more about you!!! Fun reading for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO with you on banning cell phones in public rest rooms. It's disgusting that people use their phones there. Even more so when they are doing a video chat in the rest room. Once I turned out the lights as I left when someone in there was cell phoning. Ewwwwww.

Terri said...

Claymation Christmas! Love the camels in tennis shoes wearing fez'!If you are boring then I am too! I feel there is something to be said about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. I never have been able to figure out why we try to emulate others.