Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Poor Old Pincushion

Yesterday morning Jack, Poppy, and I were just returning from our walk when I heard A. exclaim, "Oh no! Mia got into a porcupine!"

Oh no, indeed.

Not only had she encountered a porcupine, she apparently tried to bite it. I know this because she had at least two dozen quills all over her nose and inside her mouth. She couldn't close her mouth, and she was dripping saliva and blood all over. It was gruesome.

It got a lot more gruesome when A. started pulling the quills out and the blood started coming faster. I pulled out a few that were in her feet, and I was shocked at how thick and stiff the quills were, as well as deeply embedded. My previous experience had been with removing cactus spines from our dog in Arizona. This was much, much worse.

After a few minutes trying to remove them ourselves with hands, tweezers, and pliers, I asked A. to just take her to the veterinarian in the village. He put her in the car and took off, not even calling first. Three hours and $80 later, Mia was back home and weaving drunkenly around as she worked off the last of the anesthetic.

And through all of that, she didn't make a single sound or try to bite. Still the best dog.

She appears to be fully recovered this morning. I think she's learned her lesson about porcupines. I just hope she doesn't encounter a bear next.


Marsha said...

Oh no, I would much rather have my dogs tangle with a skunk than a porcupine...hope she recovers fast.

flask said...

i used to live with a dog named harriet. she had a best friend named brittany. every day brittany would come and see if harriet could come out and play.

thing was, britany had a dead porcupine in the woods somehwere.

the first time we thought they'd just run into one.

the second time we chalked it up to bad luck.

more heavily supervised play dates for a while after that third time.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

A dead porcupine friend? Brittany doesn't sound like the epitome of canine intelligence. Harriet should have chosen her friends more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, poor Mia. Hope she is healing.