Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Magic of Disney, Indeed

A couple of weeks ago, I was singing the Cinderelly song from the original Disney Cinderella movie, and Cubby asked me where that song was from.

He'd never seen Cinderella? Well, we must remedy that.

So I got the movie for the boys to watch.

They liked Lucifer the cat. They liked Gus the fat mouse. They liked the royal servant with the monocle.

But then we got to the ball. And when the prince and Cinderella started dancing, the older boys got all squirmy.

Then Charlie said, "I wish the prince would get flushed down the toilet."

Not to be outdone, Cubby added, "I wish they would dance over a toilet and Cinderella would flush the toilet and FLUSH! The prince would go down the toilet."

Boys are fun.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy there innocent years.

Anonymous said...

Their ..sorry .

Europafox said...

Haha!Gotta love their lack of sentimentality. Boys tend to react in unpredictable ways too, ways Disney doesn't expect or want. Love it.

Anonymous said...

The young ones in our family are boys...they say the funniest things... Apparently, your family too!