Wednesday, March 13, 2019


My sister sent me an areca palm as a housewarming present. I placed it in the same spot I had the Christmas tree, and the other morning I realized that it gets a direct beam of light just as the sun is rising in the morning.

Spotlight on the areca.

This makes me happy every time I see it. Lucky for me the sun rises every morning, so I have a guaranteed bright spot to my day every day.

Ha. "Bright spot." Inadvertent, but funny.

That's all. Have a bright day, my lovelies.


Gemma's person said...

How cool is that !

Anonymous said...


I heard on the news that NM had tornados. Glad your okay!

tu mere said...

So happy to see you've embraced living things in your house that make you happy, other than your family of course. Read the care of said plant from your info and they talked about replanting, fertiliziing, etc. I have two plants I'm looking at right now, not palms, that I've had in the same pots since I got them and they just keep growing. Never fertilize or change the soil either. Sure hope your palm is as hardy, as it looks beautiful in your corner.

Tara Hogan said...

Still blows my mind they can just drop a palm in a box and ship it. And have it arrive happy and healthy.
Glad it brings you joy.