Thursday, June 10, 2021

Here, Have Some Randomness

This post brought to you by Poppy needing to be covered up at 3 a.m., and the mouse scurrying around who kept me awake thereafter.

And speaking of mice . . .

I very much dislike mice in my home. Not that they're dangerous or anything, but I really do not enjoy being startled by a mouse running out from under my chair in the living room. 

And now, I will interrupt this random with a random photo of Poppy after Calvin's First Communion.

The lighting in this is really weird and creepy, somehow.

We're leaving for Arizona and my brother-in-law's celebration of life soon, and my neighbor, who is a teacher, very nicely offered me some audiobooks for the car.

There then followed a very funny exchange in which I said that our CD player in the van was broken and she was very confused because, of course, audiobooks are played via smartphones now. And I had to confess that we do not have that sort of phone. 

She persevered and told me we could use our iPad.

Nope. None of those here, either.

I forget how weird we are about electronics until I have these sorts of interactions.


I bought the complete set of James Herriot books for Cubby and Calvin to read in the car. That should keep them entertained for awhile. 

This was not without some investment, however. Those books are apparently hot commodities now. I have a couple of old ones and wanted to just get a used copy of the remaining ones. Yeah, no. Even used copies are like fifty dollars.

Although I bet if I were patient and could go to thrift stores, I would find the ones I needed eventually. But I'm not patient and don't have access to thrift stores, so the new set it is.

We'll end here, I think, with a random, abrupt ending to a random and abrupt stream of consciousness.


Gemma's person said...

James idea for the children ever.
Back in the age of smoke signal communication, we were vacationing by car(with cassette tape player) I borrowed the copies of them from the library and copied them onto blank tapes so we could have entertainment on the 12 hour long drive.
We also have none of the above mentioned smart paraphernalia.
Books =life's big adventures!

Anonymous said...

No iPAD or smartphone here, either.

I loved reading the James Herriot books. Best books, ever.
I had no idea the second hand ones were so expensive.

Kit said...

it's too late for this now, but next time try looking at Abebooks online. I just checked and All Creatures Great and Small was available (used of course) for less than $5 with free shipping. Also, if you can order library books you might be able to get Playaways. My grandchildren love them. No ipad here either by the way!

Anonymous said...

We would also have to confess to not having an iPAD or smart phone. We save a lot of money and generally get by just fine.