Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bonus Snapshots

Sunday's snapshots this week were all about the church flowers, but I had lots more photos from last week. So here they are.

It snowed last week, which temporarily subdued the daffodils outside, but didn't kill them.

Bent, but not broken.

I had already cut some to bring inside, so when we woke up to a cold, overcast morning on Monday, I was able to light some candles on the breakfast table to illuminate our reminders that yes, it really is spring despite the weather.

Spring flowers, winter candles.

I had a lot of driving to do Thursday, so it was very unfortunate that only about 15 miles into the hundreds I had to do, I hit a large raptor of some kind. Thankfully, it hit my antenna and passenger side mirror instead of the windshield. Not thankfully, the mirror snapped clean off.

It was still hanging by the turn-signal wiring, so I managed to pull that out enough that I could put the mirror safely inside the window and raise the window about halfway. 


It was a bit chilly driving the remaining 80 miles to Walmart, but once I got there, I was able to purchase some Gorilla tape and fix the mirror to the outside of the door so I could roll the window up all the way again.

My super classy ride.

Then I went to a track meet.

With, of course, a button-up collared shirt and my dorky Mom Hat to shield me from the sun.

Saturday we finally got a day where we weren't running all over creation and the wind wasn't too bad, plus A. and I were both home, so we finally put in some of the garden. As always, A. did the digging and I did the planting.

Also as always, the transplants got milk jug greenhouses to protect them. I ran out of jugs, though, so some just had rock walls. And some were left with nothing. We'll see what survives.

I transplanted around a dozen kohlrabi plants and I think sixteen cabbage plants, plus planted seeds for carrots, beets, parsnips, and turnips.

That night, I put together the Easter baskets.

My sister brought things to fill a communal adult Easter basket, so there was plenty of chocolate.

I have a brooch I bought to use in my hair when I got married decades ago, and I used it in Poppy's hair on Easter.

She was delighted, of course.

Easter featured the worst winds of the whole week. For this reason, we did our egg hunt inside the place my sister and her friend were staying in the village. This was very convenient, as it is literally right next door to our church. So we just went over after our 8 a.m. Mass for breakfast provided by my sister and our egg hunt.

Easter girl looking for eggs.

Can you spot the cleverly hidden egg in this photo?

The eldest child hid the eggs, so all I had to do was watch the fun while drinking the mimosa provided by my sister.

It was nice.

There you have it! My (bonus) life, snapshotted.

P.S. The first couple of comments reminded me that probably many of you might want to know what books were in the kids' Easter baskets: The complete set of the Samantha American Girl books (bought on eBay because anything American Girl is extortionate new), The Everything Kids' Football Book, Murtagh by Christopher Paolini, and Northern Borders by Howard Frank Mosher.


mbmom11 said...

I see Murtagh in one basket! That author is another one who would benefit from a firm but kind editor. The story is good, though. Glad you had a great Easter.

Anonymous said...

And I see Howard Frank Mosher, an under -appreciated writer of the North.

Carla said...

I read your comments on The Frugal Girl and followed your link to see the Easter flowers for your church.

Indoor Easter egg hunt: I can remember a couple of times doing this with my mother when we had a rainy Easter. Our house was small, but we had fun doing it.