Sunday, March 30, 2008


We have three collies. Collies are a great breed, and their reputation was immeasurably enhanced by the "Lassie" multi-media extravaganza. But only one of our collies looks like Lassie. By which I mean, she's a great ball of brown fluff. She also has an over-developed sense of responsibility and doesn't feel comfortable unless she's stationed out front, guarding us from all those crazed cyclists on the road. The other two are smooth collies, which have shorter hair. They can't sack out in a snow bank comfortably like the fluffy one can (and will), but I also don't have to chase them down to pull burdocks out of their butt-skirt, like I do with the fluffy one.

Now, these dogs are purebreds, and I bet that there hasn't been a working dog in their lineage for a hundred years. But you should have seen my dog, Mia, when we first got sheep. Talk about the herding instinct. She loves the sheep with an undeniable passion. Maybe she thinks she is a sheep. She certainly always wants to be around sheep. And now that we have lambs, my God. The dog has found her calling in life. She is undeterred by the regular buttings she receives from the irate mothers when she gets too close to their babies--she's bound and determined to hang with that flock. She'll follow them all over the property. I wouldn't say she's particularly useful with them, since her main objective seems to be to play with the lambs. Which, if the way she plays with the cat is any indication, would involve gnawing gently on their heads and emitting high-pitched yelps of excitement. But the mothers don't let her get that close, which keeps the lambs' heads free of the drool that regularly encrusts the cat's head, at least.

The point is, I am sure Mia can be counted upon to protect her buddies the sheep. But I think Timmy had better plan on saving his own stupid ass from that well.


moi said...

I think Timmy would be SOL if he was hoping to be saved by your pack. No offense, but no mere human can be as exciting as deer to chase or ravines to dash down.

upstatekris said...

I feel the need to correct the above commenter, WHOEVER that person is (cough). In these here hills we don't have "ravines," we have "gullies." I just don't want anyone to sound like, God forbid, an OUTSIDER if you ever come here. Because I know all there is to know about being a local, after living here a total of a year and half. Ahem.