Friday, April 4, 2008

Meet the Family

Because I may occasionally talk about the animals as if they are people and everyone should know who they are (I don't get out much, okay?), and because you may be getting tired of reading about me yakking about ME ME ME! all the time, I thought I should introduce you to the cast of characters here on the mini-farm.

Meet Lassie. I mean, Leda. But I sometimes call her Lassie, because, come on, wouldn't you? Leda is our oldest dog, and she takes her responsibilities very, very seriously. Look at how alert that dog is. What is it, girl? Is it a mountain lion? Is it a crazed gunman come to mow down Timmy? Oh, it's a squirrel. Leda saves the day again.

But seriously. Everyone loves Leda, and Leda loves everyone. Especially the UPS guy, because he always gives her a dog biscuit. I think he does this for other dogs to prevent them from leaping at his throat when he gets out of the truck, but I know he just gives it to Leda because she's so fluffy and cute. No one is afraid of Leda. Except the squirrels, possums, rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks. And they should be afraid, because she will kill them. And then leave them on the lawn for me to dispose of. She always leads the hunt when I walk the dogs. She hasn't caught a deer yet, but she hasn't given up.

So if you ever come to visit us, Leda will probably be the first to greet you. Feel free to give her all the hugs and affection you want. Unless you have a pet rabbit with you, in which case, run.


SaraPMcC said...

Leda is a beautiful dog! But I'm a little bit scared. I may suffocate near all that beautiful fluff.

The Barber Bunch said...

She is so pretty!


Kristin said...

Hey! Look at that! You see that comment by Carolyn? I don't KNOW Carolyn! But I bet she's a lovely person, because she said she likes my blog. That's really all I need to know about her. And she thinks Leda is pretty, so obviously this woman has excellent taste. Thanks, Carolyn. If I had a prize, you would totally win it for being the first person I don't know to comment on this blog. And to link to me. I appreciate it. And I would have e-mailed you to tell you that, except I couldn't figure out the e-mail program I would have to use, because I am not that smart. So you get a public shout-out instead.