Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dog Crazy

Today's post was supposed to have a photo of my newly planted eggplant and hot pepper seeds. But when I went to get the bag of starter mix out of the barn, I found the 30-pound bag of soil had frozen rock solid. FUN! I had to haul the (REALLY DAMN HEAVY) boulder of soil into the dining room to thaw out. So! I had to postpone the planting to today instead, and today's post will be about dogs.

You know you're excited.

At the moment, we are the owners of nine dogs. Of course, six of them are squalling, flopping puppies.

(I would post a photo of the puppies here, but all the photos I take look like this, because they don't do anything yet other than nurse and sleep in a pile. Neither activity results in very interesting photos.)

I love dogs more than your average person, but nine dogs? That's just too many dogs. Three is about my limit. So while it will be hard to see all the puppies go, we are not going to be keeping any of them. That means I'm not going to get attached to them. So I can appreciate their cuteness, but while I'm gone for the next two weeks, THESE are the faces I'm really going to miss:

Especially that goober in the middle there.

You can go ahead and mock my Dog Crazy all you want (DON'T THINK I CAN'T HEAR YOUR MOCKERY), but yes, I miss my dogs when I'm away. Those three are my companions. I spend more time with them than I do with people. By choice, I might add.

I suggested to A. that maybe he could smuggle Mia onto the plane with him, but he nixed that idea. He seemed to think that a 55-pound collie might be too obvious to sneak by security or something. Silly man.

So I will be dogless for two whole weeks. There will be an empty, gaping, dog-sized hole in my life for those two weeks. A hole I may just manage to fill with gin and tonics, sunshine, and warmth. And frequent use of my dad's whirlpool bathtub.

I'll suffer, but I'll endure. Even without my dogs.


Phoo-D said...

I always miss the dog - and think it is because I can't talk to him on the phone! Yours are too cute - they look loveable and mischevious.

The Constant C said...

Have a good trip!

rls said...

I never miss my dog when I'm away. I do miss my cats, though.

x said...

I can tell you from that picture that they're gonna miss you, too. Aw!

Aunt Krissy said...

The 1st time I went on vacation I really missed my dog. I sometimes take my vacation so that she can come with.

Susan said...

What beauties you have. And Mia is an incredibly special goober. I hate being hot but I am so excited that you're going to soak up some sun!!

FinnyKnits said...

"Mama. Don't leave us here. These sheep are boring and those puppies are trying to suck on me."

That's what they're saying, you know. They'll miss you, too!

I miss the dog when I'm away, too. It's super normal.

Daisy said...

When you get home you'll be happy and they'll be ecstatic!

Chiot's Run said...

What cuties. I have a soft spot for cats.