Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just a Thought

I took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday. It took about an hour to get them all packed away, and almost half that time was spent in unwinding all the lights from the tree. The prickly, stabby, needle-y tree that deposited little needles all in my sweater that continued to prick me for some time after the job was done.


The only reason I would ever consider a fake tree? To avoid the miserable task of stringing lights and then taking them all down again.

That's all. Carry on.


sweetbird said...

This is one of the very few things I appreciate about never spending the holidays at our home - no decorations to take down. Putting them up is all well and good - chestnuts roasting on an open fire and all that.

But taking them down?

Ugh. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love our fake tree, which doesn't look fake at all. To put it up and take it down, we just lift it by the top, carry it downstairs, and put it in the storage closet. Total time: two minutes.

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Not today, I have too much to do!

Anonymous said...

Well , it's like this . We don't put up a tree, so we don't take down a tree. But, we don't party here either.

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what the beav's brother always said to his dodo friend

Conny said...

Tree still up at our house; but it will come down this weekend. The thing I love about taking down the tree IS the dropping needles. When I vacuum them up it makes the livingroom smell nice.

Now carrying on carrying on. - C

Daisy said...

Putting the decorations away is a bittersweet time, but I'll take a real tree any day of December.

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Mayberry Magpie said...

Unless you're like me and your fake tree is so old you still have to string the damn lights. No bonus there.

Twisted Susan said...

I'm with ya, sista.