Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding the Bright Side

It's hot again. And will be forever and ever, amen.

However! Today is not going to be yet another post in which I whine ceaselessly about how hot and sweaty I am. I think I might have covered that already. Instead, I thought I should share with you how Cubby deals with the heat.

Did someone say my name?

Yes, Cubby. Why don't you tell the nice people how you feel about the wretched, nasty, miserable heat.

I love it!

And why is that, my sweet?

Because of nekkid baby time on the lawn! WHEEE!!

At least someone's happy.


Anonymous said...

Woo! Naked babies! Best crop of the summer.

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

Well ... he did recently spend most of a year living someplace where it was a constant 98.6 with 100% humidity, so this probably reminds him of the good old days, when he was young and carefree.

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Anonymous said...

How happy he does look. Such a sweetie.
Guess maybe it is time for some grown up nekked time on the lawn after dark. So you can look so happy too. Beth

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Sara said...

What a gorgeous little guy! I love these photos!

Daisy said...

Naked baby time!! Woo-hoo!! He looks so happy hanging out in the shade.

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Just Me said...

My 7 month old also LOVE nekkid baby time. Wherever it happens. Of course, he very rarely wears anything more than a diaper right now anyway. It's just too darn hot to make him wear clothes.

X said...

Whenever I read about your baby I think about Country Baby from the movie Baby Boom. You gotta get that started, girlfriend!

Sherry said...

What a cute post! Cubby is just darling.

Phoo-D said...

He's such a happy camper! I'm glad someone is enjoying the warm weather. =)

Susan said...

And now I'M happy. Thank you.

Joan S said...

That baby is just precious!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what I loved most about having a summer baby!!