Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unqualified Success

Everyone join me in a cheer, for I managed to complete a round of canning last night in which every jar lid sealed. WHEEE!!!

This shouldn't be such an accomplishment, but for some reason this year, it is. I didn't have any trouble with any of the jams and jellies. And the multiple pints of tomato juice all got satisfactorily sealed away in their small glass coffins. But then I started with the plain tomatoes, and those damn lids just did not do their jobs. In the first round, one jar didn't seal. Okay, chalk it up to bad luck, careless wiping of the rim before putting the lid on, whatever. But then, in the next round of plain tomato canning, two of the seven jars didn't seal. And in the first round of salsa canning, one of the ten jars failed to perform. Bastard.

The MiL is convinced that the jar lids seem to be getting chintzier over the years, and that the Ball company is actually making them with less rubber. Ball company? Are you out there? What have you to say in your defense? I must say, it does look suspicious. And there is no doubt that the newer jars themselves are a lot less sturdy than the older ones we have. Perhaps the same is true of the new lids.

Anyway, all 11 of my jars of salsa sealed nicely last night, so I'll let it go for now. But consider yourselves on notice, Ball company. I can't tell you how irritating it is to spend all that time peeling and stuffing tomatoes into jars, or chopping up an entire damn garden for salsa, only to have to put some of the jars of my hard-won product into the refrigerator where I have no room and THE WHOLE POINT OF CANNING THEM is so they don't take up room in my overloaded refrigerator or freezer.

So look into this issue for me, would you? Thanks so much.


Phoo-D said...

Hooray! That is so much work. We tried canning tomato juice/sauce for the first time yesterday and I couldn't believe that I only got two quart jars out of 15lbs of tomatoes. I'm starting to understand why a jar of spaghetti sauce costs so much at the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider sharing your salsa recipe? Or point me towards it if you already have done so? Thanks! And yes, much congratulations and celebration is in order.

Marcy said...

Why oh why are you still using Ball BPA coated lids?

Haley said...

I don't do all that much canning, but the few ball jars I've used this year have sealed okay. I am looking to invest in some Weck-style jars; I hear they seal easier and then you never have to buy the lids again.

Anonymous said...

Amen , sister ! It is going to put a lot of first time canners off of canning.
And I have quit letting the husbandly unit put any lids on anything, he tightens them too tight. Seems to make a difference. Beth

Mia said...

I do think the lids are getting much thinner. This is the first year in I can't remember how long I haven't canned anything.. but I was pretty well stocked up on jams so have to work through the pantry first - but next year - I'm thinkin' about a pressure cooker canner :) and makin' up for lost time.

I am unable to consume any other type of jam other than that what mine own hands hath made ::laughing:: I'm a jelly snob. Whatevah' :)

Daisy said...

Time to switch to Kerr jars and lids, perhaps.

FinnyKnits said...

Dude! I think you're on to something.

When I opened my box of Ball lids/rings - TWO of the lids were completely mangled. Like, nearly crumpled in half. Completely useless.

THEN - I made pickles (delicious dills, as you know, not filthy sweet) and when I went to put one of the jars (which had been in the cupboard for a week, so was completely cool and sealed) the bottom blew open and dumped a pint of pickles and brine all on the floor.


Yeah, something's awry over at Ball. I'm not pleased.