Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Snow!

Yup, there's some snow out there. Not a whole lot, maybe a couple of inches, but enough to cover everything and make it look less dead and ugly and more winter wonderlandish.

I generally like the snow, especially now that I'm not expected to shovel it (thanks, Cubby!). It has the benefit of muffling the sound of the traffic on the road, as well as providing an insulating effect for the house. Our bedrooms always feel warmer with a layer of snow on the roof. This is much appreciated, especially for poor Cubby, who is already sleeping in a long-sleeved onesie, two pairs of fleece pajamas, and a microfleece sleep sack. Poor kid looks like the Stay-Puf Marshmallow Man. But he does seem to be staying warm, so puffy he will stay.

As for me, I've put my beloved flannel-lined jeans into heavy rotation and pulled out the heavy wool sweaters. We're all looking a little, um, thicker than normal, but keeping cozy.

I hope you are equally cozy on this fine Monday morning, poppets. Have a nice day!


Alicia said...

Yay! Snow I can celebrate but don't actually have to live in!

Phoo-D said...

I'm a fan of the snow this time of year too. It brightens everything up outside so nicely. We had a hoar frost last night and it looks like a winter wonderland this morning.

Anonymous said...

And Minnesota is now buried in a thick layer of lovely snow. Beautiful to see; tricky to drive in.

Anonymous said...

Heh, there's another anonymous from Minnesota. Yes, indeed we have lots of snow, more than usual for this "early." Mary in MN

Anonymous said...

Yah, the so cold and snow are early here , too.
Snuggly by the woodstove here. Our house is small so we don't freeze too much anywhere in it. Now outside, well it's just a tad nippy in the teens. B.

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Daisy said...

Cozy is a wonderfully warm word.

tami Bami Wami said...

I laughed at the marshmellow comment.