Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yup, I'm a Mom

So remember the flannel-lined jeans that I have mentioned more than once? And that I pretty much live in from November to April? Well, they are warm, but they are not stylish.


In fact, they're distinctly unattractive. They are Mom Jeans--kind of loose-fitting, high-waisted, tapered legs, the whole thing. Plus, to add to the ugly, they have Great Stuff on them from when I was helping A. seal some holes in the attic. Just so you know, Great Stuff is totally impossible to get out of clothes. It dries into a permanent fixture on anything it touches.


I try not to wear these appalling pants when I leave the house, because I do have some pride. Except for this morning when I realized we were out of milk, and I can't drink coffee without milk. So I went to the market in the village wearing my ugly, stained Mom Jeans.

At least now I actually AM a mom. I am totally using Cubby as my excuse for sartorial crimes.


Anonymous said...

plShame on you using your child as an excuse :) Although, I do the same thing without any excuse at all, and would think that bone chilling cold trumps ALL. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I truly doubt anyone noticed(since they were all wearing the same thing) and if they did they thought you were the smartest mom in town for wearing the flannel lined jeans. Beth

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to put your clothes back on

Just Me said...

I totally want flannel lined jeans! But all of my jeans are not particularly stylish or attractive. I am plus sized. A lot (though the amount is reducing, go me). High waist jeans help keep the plus sized belly from standing out quite so much. I try to make up for it by wearing reasonably cute (by my standard, not really high fashion) shirts when I go out in public. But trips to the grocery store or the like barely count. I've ended up at the grocery store in my pink, fleece, star-spangled pajama pants and hoodie more than once, because that is what I threw on to get up, get them ready, and run my older kids to school (showers come during littlest one's nap time usually, so getting "dressed" is usually after that) and realized I had to stop at the store on the way home because we needed something that couldn't wait.

FinnyKnits said...

At least A. wasn't there to point at you in the middle of the store and laugh, thus calling attention to your awesomely fashionable outfit.

Not that I've EVER done that to Bubba, or anything.