Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Housekeeping Foiled Again

In a rare fit of good housekeeping yesterday, I actually mopped the kitchen floor. I should do this every day, but I, um, don't. Not even every week. But yesterday I couldn't take the filth anymore and I got out the mop. This was really very stupid timing on my part, because I then spent two hours in the kitchen last night reducing the maple syrup A. made yesterday. This resulted in little invisible drips of syrup all over the fleetingly-clean floor that I can't actually see, but I can feel when I step on them and my slippers stick slightly. Lovely.

But no matter! Because with yesterday's third and final cooking of sap, we now have two gallons of maple syrup in the freezer. The best use for maple syrup in A.'s opinion is as a topping for vanilla ice cream. The best use for maple syrup in my opinion is to drown pancakes. Luckily, we have enough syrup for both of us to indulge in our favorite vehicles for syrup consumption.

In fact, we have enough that we could even try new ways of mainlining maple sugar into our systems. So, poppets, please share: What's your favorite use for maple syrup?


sheila said...

on oatmeal, glaze for sweet potatoes, maple pecan candy, homemade granola, maple sugared nuts, maple cream, homemade maple ice cream, poured over hot buttered corn bread, sweetener for baked beans ... I could go on, but you get the idea, maple is good with everything!

Anonymous said...

On oatmeal, absolutely. Also as a glase for ham and porkchops. A quick fix for a cough as well.
You can freeze it? Who knew!

Alicia said...

You could heat it up and try it on popcorn.

Anonymous said...

No need to waste freezer space. Use your regular canning jars, put the lids in the hot water just as for canning...heat syrup to 180 put in jars...clean rims..put on lids then rings and tadaaa , it will seal as it cools and it will keep for years on the shelf...after opening you must refrigerate..but till then on the shelf is fine and dandy.
You can make maple sugar out of it(melts in your mouth)but takes a lot of syrup to cook down further to sugar. Beth

Haley said...

It's really good to drizzle on tomato slices before you slow-roast them, which would fit in nicely with your Tomato Crazy. There's an article all about maple syrup in March's Saveur. It's still in stores if you happen to be in a bookstore or if your library carries it, although I'm guessing you don't go magazine-shopping a lot. Some of the recipes are online in this slideshow:

Sophie said...

Drizzled over plain Greek yogurt! I also recently saw this recipe, and although I have not yet tried it, I think the recipe speaks for itself!!

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Oh, man.
I just made sweet and sour chicken wings in the crock pot with maple syrup as the sweet (along with curry and other spices, and then throw in some pineapple and red peppers and serve over rice. Good Eats.)
I've also made sweet cornbread and poked holes in the top with a straw and drizzled maple syrup over the top and it soaks in the holes.
Your arteries are hollerin', but who cares?? It's yummy!
Word Verification: (how fitting) itypooke - the small holes I poke in the top of sweet cornbread that then get filled with yummy maple syrup.

rls said...

I want all of you to come and be my personal chefs.