Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome to Woodchuck Central

A. went squirrel hunting yesterday morning, returning with four quite large squirrels that he then proceeded to skin and gut on the patio table outside the dining room. While he was in the middle of this appetizing procedure, the guy arrived to deliver our first load of firewood for the winter. He was supposed to come at nine, but arrived early. The sheep had been let out to wander around, so the Deterrent was up to keep them away from the road.

All of this meant that when the nice man came to deliver our wood, A.'s hands were covered in blood and he had a bucket of bloody squirrel bits next to him as he whacked off tails and feet with the cleaver; I was in my slippers running around with a barefoot child to take down the Deterrent, direct the man where to dump the load of wood from his truck, and write him a check; the dogs were hanging around because they wanted those squirrel bits or the peanut butter and bread that Cubby was eating; and the sheep were milling around maaing and waiting for their chance to eat the nice flowering plants the MiL has in pots near the house. Plus, the chickens were out near the patio scratching around.

Welcome to life at Blackrock. It's never dull, at least.


Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

What, no picture?

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Anonymous said...

Poor guy must have thought he had taken a step back in time.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell 'ya'll a story 'bout a man named Jed.....poor mountaineer....barely kept his family fed.....welcome to Beverly...Hills that is
(Blackrock version)......hee hee Beth

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where the squirrle tail is

I wasn't going to do my word verification.....but with guts being in it ...I couldn't pass that one up.

Daisy said...

Dull is overrated. Dull lives make for dull blogs. Yours will never be either.

Anonymous said...

What does squirrel taste like? Mary in MN

Toni said...

Well, hopefully the firewood guy knows you enough to not worry about returning safely from his delivery.