Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Can See the Future

I feel as if I'm just now getting to the point with Cubby where I can do things again.  And by "things" I do not mean resuming my pre-child frantic social schedule (HA) (HAHAHAHAHA) or once again wearing stylish clothing and jewelry (again: HA and HAHAHAHAHA).

I mean things like doing some minimal cooking in the kitchen while he entertains himself in the living room without breaking himself or anything else.

Things like washing dishes while he eats some peaches and stares out the window.

Things like working in the garden while he occupies himself.

Things like vacuuming the stairs while he plays in the parlor with the tube attachment to the vacuum cleaner.

Things like telling him I need to go put the clothes in the dryer so he can just stay in the living room and keep playing while I go in the cellar.  And he does it.

Things like drinking my coffee while he eats his oatmeal for breakfast.

In sum, he's getting more independent and I'm getting more done.  Which is why I'm getting a slight sense of foreboding about the imminent future with a newborn.  Because I still remember what it's like to not be able to get anything done.  Or at least feel like I'm not getting anything done.  First because of the sleeplessness and constant feeding.  Then because of the precarious locomotion and obvious intent on self-harm that comes with it.  Then because of willful disobedience.  Cubby has passed through all of these stages* and I have come out the other side, only to begin them anew.

Oh well.  There's also the first smile and first steps and all the fun stuff to look forward to.  Must focus on the positives.  And get as much done now as I can.

* Okay, truthfully, we may not be quite done with the willful disobedience yet.  Or ever.  Kid's stubborn as a mule, with the temper of an irritable bear on occasion.  I can't imagine where he gets it.**

** I don't have to imagine.  He gets it from both parents. Neither A. nor I is the laid back type.  Sorry, Cubby.


sheila said...

Cubby will be of some use keeping the next one entertained when they aren't fighting over toys. Also, you'll begin to sense they are up no good together when the house gets strangely silent. Of course you have to get past the new baby phase. Enlist the family to pitch in and get yourself plenty of sleep. It's the only way to survive with your sanity intact.

Anonymous said...

I guess I look at your near future this way: you are "getting done" the most important work imaginable. Loving a new baby, helping him understand that he is worth loving, showing him gradually how to survive in this world, helping him discover himself and his future. The dishes, and the laundry, and cooking, and anything else will wait. They really don't matter. You'll be doing more interesting, more exciting, and more challenging things. You're lucky!!

tu mere said...

Great to have you back among the living! Now you can begin to plan your activities with the knowledge that, soon, another body will be strapped to yours while Cubby does his thing. Not too bad, and ideal for an aerobic workout.

Phoo-D said...

From the experience of a friend with two small boys about the same distance in age as your two will be: It is both better and worse with two. The older one really does keep the younger one entertained. However now that the younger one is learning to be mobile the fighting over toys begins...At least it won't be your first rodeo with #2!