Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hell on Wheels

Know what's the opposite of fun?  Loading the whole family up into the Awesome Subaru for baby's first pediatrician's visit in the Small City, where the air conditioning in the No-Longer-So-Awesome Subaru dies.  And it's 93 degrees.  AND, I just spent almost four hundred dollars a couple of months ago repairing that very same air conditioning just so I would NOT end up sweating my ass off in the burning hot wind of open car windows while also dealing with two small children.

That's what I did yesterday.  It made me unhappy.  At least A. was with me to share the misery.

However.  Charlie has been given two thumbs up by the doctor and has officially gained an entire pound in a week.  I will take some credit for that, yes.  Thank you.

I guess that's all that matters.  Still pissed about the A/C though.


Anonymous said...

Not a good summer for the AC to conk out...baby or no baby.

Anonymous said...

Just when I was singing the Subaru's praises. Poo on Subaru.