Monday, July 23, 2012

The Return of Sunday Family Fun

Last Sunday was not such a fun time for the family, as half the members were incarcerated in a hospital room.  But this Sunday, reunited and ready for some fun, our newly expanded family struck out to create lasting memories.

Or at least just get off the property, which is really the only goal.

We didn't go very far.  Just to the village to get some ice cream.  A. and I got most excellent milkshakes and Cubby was totally enthralled with his scoop of vanilla ice cream, which he got to eat sitting on a high stool at the counter.  He didn't fall off his stool OR dump his ice cream out all over himself or the floor.  It was quite impressive.

Charlie--who A. has compared to a pet rock, in the most complimentary way possible, of course--slept the entire time in his car seat.  In the ice cream shop, obviously, not in the car.  He slept right through all the inevitable cooing by total strangers.  And then he slept right through our totally unplanned play date with our friends Jodi and Alyssa and their two boys, all of whom happened to be on their family's lake shore right next to the ice cream shop as we were walking back to the car.  Cubby, however, was wide awake and thrilled to play with all the lovely toys available in the sand box.

He was not so thrilled to have to leave behind the water gun he had discovered, though he was placated by a lollipop thoughtfully presented to him by the oldest of the boys.  And then Charlie woke up just as we were getting in the car and let us all know that he was STARVING and needed milk RIGHT NOW, and that was the end of Sunday Family Fun: New Baby Edition.

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Anonymous said...

Pet rock...har har.
Ice cream,
Clean uninjured Cubby,
Unplanned play date,
Good friends,
Small town,
A vehicle you can fit everyone into, all good things as MS would say.Beth