Friday, July 27, 2012

Hey, At Least It's Friday!

Isn't it just the greatest relief to get to the end of a really shitty week at work and have two whole days of not going to that shitty job?

Yeah.  That's the downfall of this parenting gig.

I have had a shitty week.  It is mostly due, I am afraid, to my adorable, incredibly intelligent, and most definitely headstrong firstborn.  I have never heard such screaming as has assaulted my ears this week.  Wordless, high-pitched, full-volume screaming, that goes on for minutes at a time and is triggered by something as heinous as my announcement that it's time for dinner.

It's bad, y'all.  I know why he's doing it (a need for attention, an inability to communicate frustrations and fears brought on by a new baby, etc., etc.) and I know why it's mostly aimed at me, but that doesn't really make it easier to endure.  A. and the MiL are trying to give me a break when they can, but there's only so much they can do, because what Cubby really needs is me and the assurance that I will still always be here and still love him.  Taking him away from me doesn't really accomplish that (although it does give my eardrums a rest).

Unlike a regular job, there are no weekends and no vacations.  There will be no break.  At least, not until Cubby grants me one by returning to his previous charming self.  That will happen, I know, and in the grand scheme of things it will happen in a relatively short amount of time.  It'll just feel like forever.


Alyssa said...

You know, the best advice I got before having #2 was to drop all expectations for normal housekeeping, etc. and to use the time while baby was sleeping to dote on #1. It was hard to fight the urge to get something done already (!) but I do think that it really helped.

sheila said...

You need to get breaks for your own sanity. You will need that sanity to be able to deal with a pissed off 2 yr old. This too shall pass.... hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

I wonder (without any experience whatsoever) if it would help to snuggle Cubby along with feeding the baby .
You have an air conditioned area now , it would make a good 'quiet area' for all of you to snuggle up.
Just trying to think of something that might work.
I also like the idea of nap time for #2 to dote on #1 child.

flask said...

yeah, understanding WHY he does it doesn't make it hurt less in the meantime.

he'll have this same tantrum periodically and in different forms for a few... decades yet.

tu mere said...

Oh my. I know you're doing everything right to discourage the screaming; that doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully, because he's so smart, he'll learn that that behavior doesn't get him the results he wants, the good results that is, not just the negative attention.

Hang in there mom. You're stronger than Cubby. May be I should send some ear plugs.

Becky said...

Oh gosh--all my sympathies to you. For whatever it may be worth, as the first born of four, I thought that it was cool that my mom read to me so much more when a new baby appeared. I was under the impression that she was just nursing the baby at the same time as an efficiency measure. But then, I think I had a much different personality than Cubby. Soldier on!
Becky in Utah