Monday, July 16, 2012

One Day More . . .

If your next thought after reading that title was "Another day, another destiny, this neverending road to Calvary," then pull up a chair, my fellow Les Mis nerd, and let us sing of the red and the black.

And for everyone else in the world who doesn't know every word of every song in a Broadway musical about the French Revolution, that title just refers to the fact that I am still in the hospital.


I was SO looking forward to getting the hell out of here this morning, but no.  The pediatrician wants to keep Charlie under the lights for the rest of the day and then check to make sure all is well in the morning before releasing him.  So here I am, hanging out for another wild day of nursing, changing diapers, and staring at the revolting sign on the wall that says, "A baby is stardust blown from a hand above."

No, really.  That's what it says. There are so many jokes to be made there, I can't even start.

The big news today, though, is that A. called around 10:30 this morning to let me know that he had purchased a window air conditioner for our bedroom.


He figures if we run it only at night and on the energy saver setting, we should have just enough electrical current to get our bedroom to a reasonable temperature.  Say, eighty degrees instead of ninety.  Apparently, even A. was unsettled by the thought of bringing home a brand-new baby to an un-cooled house on a day that's supposed to be anywhere between 95 and 100 degrees.

Though in reality, since said baby is currently luxuriating quite comfortably in an isolette set at 89 degrees, I suspect A. might have been worried about that baby's mother and her reaction to those temperatures.  That is, me.  As well he should be.

It doesn't matter why he bought it, though; the point is that we have it.  Now let's all just cross our fingers that we don't black out the entire village or something when we turn it on . . .


jive turkey said...

"A baby is stardust blown from a hand above."

That is the worst thing I've ever read.

Hope you get sprung soon! Yay for the window unit, too. SERIOUSLY.

Sherry said...

I can just imagine you staring at that cutsy sign all day!!! Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted and PICTURES, PLEASE!!!

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

I'd be more worried that it takes the whole window out when A tries to mount it.

Nah, he'll probably build a flying buttress under it, made from an old barn door.

Anonymous said...

I was SO hoping he would get one !!!!!! Yea, for you !!!

Magic marker and make your own sign. heeeee

Anonymous said...

Stardust--- isn't that just what labor resembles?

FinnyKnits said...

I knew ignoring Blogland for the weekend was a mistake!

Firstly - congrats on Bringing Forth New Life. You are a true champion.

Secondly - SUPER congrats on Bringing Forth New Temperatures! I'm pleased to hear that you will have a window unit awaiting your arrival at home. That is fantastic news. I am supremely jealous. We do not have A/C, nor a window unit and tend to spend our hot sweaty times strolling the air conditioned aisles of Target looking for relief. If it's after hours (aka - SLEEPING TIME), we just bitch uncontrollably and try not to touch one another while clutching water bottles under our arms.

Also, your MiL is fantastically thoughtful. Bless her.

Haley said...

Excellent on the window unit. I was trying to survive the summer without one, but when I went away for the weekend and my super was catsitting for me, he remarked that my apartment was like 90 degrees and he would install an extra unit for me. I managed to survive last summer in Boston with just a fan, but my bedroom in the apartment only had one window that was like 2 feet from a brick wall, so not much sunlight. Now I have 4 giant windows and it's like an oven in here mid-day. The window unit has saved my life and sanity for sure.