Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Rebels

Did I say we were leaving the hospital today?  Scratch that.  Thanks to yet ANOTHER son who has the audacity to be born with a blood type incompatible to mine, I am once again hanging out in a hospital room, sleeping (or mostly not) by the obnoxious blue light of the infant incubator and feeding on demand around the clock.

Is it too much to ask to have a child born who actually shares my blood type and doesn't try to rebel against me from birth in this way?  Apparently so.

Yeah.  Charlie had some mild jaundice.  Thanks to our family history, the pediatrician decided to just keep him here and put him right under the lights to get rid of it right away.  The hope is that just the one night should do it and we can go home in the morning.

Much as I will be sad to leave this lovely air conditioning, I really need to get home.  Cubby, though he has been a trooper about spending so much Mommy-less time with Grandma and Daddy, is nonetheless still wondering what the hell is going on.  Last thing he knew, Mommy was going to the doctor on Friday morning and would be home to put him down for his nap.  Now here we are, three days later, and Mommy is still not home.  And Daddy does not know the words to Brahms' "Lullaby" (and can't carry a tune even if he did).  How is a boy supposed to go to sleep without Brahms' "Lullaby?  With difficulty, apparently.

Anyway.  Fingers crossed we get sprung tomorrow.  Being subjected to an extended period of this hospital food is again a traumatic experience for me.


Anonymous said...

Try to enjoy the a/c and have the family smuggle in some white lightening (ice cream). Congratulations, Kristen!

Sandy Shoes

Sherry said...

Poor Cubby! He will learn to enjoy his little brother in no time, though. . . then it will be, what one doesn't think of, the other one will!

Anonymous said...

PS. I love the name Charlie. It was my father's name (not Charles) and his funeral was 9 years ago on July 13th. Sort of ironic. If the Charlie is anything like him, you will have the most patient, but stubborn child on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, last comment of Anonymous was me, Sandy.

Anonymous said...

sing him his little song over the phone and luxuriate in someone else doing the cooking and cleaning up even if the food isn't up to your standards.

looloolooweez said...

Just stopped by to say congratulations! I hope the weather cools of soon for you.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Cubby to just be ready to drag (not literally) Charlie outside to do everything he is used to doing and expecting Charlie to get right in there and play along. Showing him all the goodies outside, rocks, lambs, the grand tour by Cubby.
After all , isn't everyone grown up like Cubby?

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

Sorry to be a nit-picker, but that should read: an extended period of this hospital "food".