Thursday, July 19, 2012


Remember when I said I could use some more patience for this next child to come, since it is not one of my many natural virtues?

Yeah.  I need it.  But not for this new one.  For the old one.  Cubby is taking all of what little patience I possess these days.  So send those patience vibes over the miles for me, would you?  Thank you so much.

And now, may I please direct your attention to this video of Guns N' Roses performing their song "Patience" in Tokyo?  Go ahead and watch; you won't be sorry.

Some discussion points:

1) Is that really Axl Rose whistling in the beginning, or is it a recording?  If it's him, he's the best whistler ever.



Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

I was gonna watch the video and then you said "what's up with those shorts" and I decided I didn't need that visual in my head for the rest of the day.

Charlie's prefecto by the way. Good going, gestating mama. Way to procreate! He's darling!

tu mere said...

Oh, my. I wonder what he was on to pick that outfit. Yep, the shorts were a treat, and I do think that's him whistling.

And what's with you being short on the patience end. Not so new/old mom. You're just getting the maximum testing. Hang in there and focus on the times when Cubby's blessedly occupied with someone/anyone else.

sheila said...

you are the traitor mommy that brought home the competition

Anonymous said...

Decrepit computer here cannot watch videos...I do remember Axle Rose wearing shorts back in the day and I think he just doesn't give a rat's patootie what anyone thinks of him.
I along with tu mere believe he is doing the whistling...otherwise why would they even have whistling in a song.
You need a video of big machines running and doing digging and such or tools. :)

Anonymous said...

Cubby's much younger than mine was when I brought home an interloper, but the horrid behavior lasted four months. Then came back a few months later when the wee one learned to walk.

Hang in there. They all leave the house eventually. (No way I'm promising it gets easier, for it doesn't, at any age.) I'm the least patient person I know and my first Three-year-old taught me I have inhuman patience.