Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Day in the Life

Our wireless Internet service has been out since yesterday.  The man came to fix it today and found the wire had been chewed by squirrels.  A. has shot four squirrels (the ones that chew walnuts in the attic directly over our bedrooms) out of the maple tree by the porch in the last three days.  Guess he needs to shoot more.

It rained all day today.  Hard.  Which meant we spent all day inside.  And this is what the living room looks like at the end of one of those days:

Man, do I hate enforcing pick-up time on these days.  Damned Legos and their thousand pieces.  Keeping a toddler focused enough to pick them all up is a trial.

This morning I heard an ominous scrabbling sound in the woodstove pipe.  Then I forgot about it, thanks to the two screaming children competing for my attention.  After dinner, I heard the sound again and mentioned it to A.  We were afraid it was a mouse or something, but we didn't want whatever it was to die in there.  So A. unhooked the stovepipe and pulled the stove away.  He found a sparrow in there.  He reached in to grab it, but lost his hold on it as he pulled it out and we spent a few minutes chasing it around the dining room.  

Cubby thought this was the most fun thing ever.  A. eventually caught it in the corner and released it outside.  But first he gave Cubby a good look.

A good close look.

And then there were more books, and more screaming, and the aforementioned dreaded pick-up, and bedtime for the whirling dervish, and now here we are.  Charlie is lounging on the floor watching the chandelier swinging above him. A. is at court.  I'm greatly looking forward to a shower.  

Another day in the life of the Family Blackrock.


Sherry said...

LOL! Thanks for a good laugh at the end of my day! Hang on to those Legos! My grandchildren now play with the same Legos their dad and uncle played with many years ago!

Anonymous said...

Wait wait.......did you eat the squirrels? Of course you did. Why not?
Maybe you could make a game out of the lego pick up? Mommy tosses one in then Cubby....or Cubby is the loader picking up the cargo, dumping it into the leggo container to load on the ship.
Boys...they think differently than girls. Beth

Joan @ Debt of Gratitude said...

I remember those days so well! I hardly ever made my children pick up their toys, just because I wanted it done and I could do it so much faster. I made up for it with a vengeance, though, because by the time they went to school, I required them to make their beds every day, clean their rooms every week, and I enforced Family Work Day about twice a year wherein we all washed windows, scrubbed baseboards, weeded flowerbeds and the like.

By the way, I saw a t-shirt the other day that said "I hope you step on a lego!" That's going to become my new favorite curse for those I'm irritated with.

Anonymous said...

Gee, your living room looks just like mine after the puppy has been playing. Mary in MN

Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Dude. Seriously. My whole living room has been infiltrated by plastic farm animals, wooden dolls and various pieces of toddler rick-rack.

The worst isn't stepping on a lego - it's rolling over wrong on a forgotten Dr. Seuss book at 3:00am.

Court at night? I thought that only happened in tv shows!?!