Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Great Debate

At this very moment, I am waiting for our dinner to be delivered from a pizza place in the next village over.  I don't think food has ever been delivered to this house before, and it's an example of why A. says we don't REALLY live in the country, despite the name of this blog.

I say any place that has a lamb carcass hanging in a barn--as we do, also at this very moment--is real country.  

What say you, poppets?


sheila said...

yeap, animal carcass= rural living

you get too citified and they zone that behavior out

flask said...

you get pizza delivery?

for real?

what, do you live practically DOWNTOWN?

i live a half hour from the closest place where a pizza can BE delivered, by which point i may just as well go the extra five minutes to the pizza joint and not have my pizza delivered to someone else's house.

fun practical joke: order pizza to someone else's house. this is only REALLY funny if you pay for it in advance and let them stand around and scratch their heads.

Anonymous said...

Pizza can be delivered practically anywhere in the world! It's a given!

Anonymous said...

You live in the country!!!

-Marcy in Pittsburgh

Phoo-D said...

You're still in the country. It just means that the local pizza place is so desperate that they are willing to pay a high school kid to spend over 30 minutes in the car just to reach you! ;) At least that is what it means around here! (And for the record a delivery has only occurred once. The pizza was awful and that was the end of that.) Hope yours was good!

Anonymous said...

A is so used to his country life it no longer seems country to him.
Country = falling down wire fences, dogs who kill possums and other wild things, hunting eggs around the 'farm', fishing across the road for supper, hanging out laundry,canning, growing a garden, babies playing in the mud, chasing sheep down the road, helping birth lambs, grilling lambs, butchering your own meat, dump runs, shingling your own house, building stone walls, building your own boat.
No stop lights,horns honking, starbucks,taxis.
You live the life. He might as well own it. :) Beth

Anna said...

Sorry I have to side with your Hubs on this one! We live so far out of town, that if we want pizza delivered we have to MEET the pizza delivery guy at a parking lot about 15 minutes from our house!

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

I'll go all pedantic and point out, the blog is called Going Country, not Gone Country.