Friday, September 21, 2012

Kristin's Kitchen: The New Season

Yes!  Kristin's Kitchen is back, now with a new co-host!

Who is obviously very excited about this new venture, although even less helpful than my other co-host.

Yesterday, A. took over with this one outside:

Not to go hunting, although he's obviously ready for it.

While I brought the newer one inside with me to make dinner.  It occurred to me as I was cooking and keeping up a running patter of my actions to the little grub flailing about on the sheepskin on the floor that cooking with a baby in attendance is excellent training to be a host for one of those "cook-it-quick" television cooking shows.  

The cook-it-quick part is a given, since said baby has a very limited time in which he will be happy on the floor, and so all prep work must be accomplished before he blows.

The constant talking to keep the baby entertained as long as possible is also a given, and is basically what cooking show hosts do.  "Now I'm cutting up the zucchini.  I'm cutting them into pretty small pieces because we want them to cook quickly and also they won't be so mushy if they're smaller.  So I'm whacking the ends of the zucchini off and then cutting them in half lengthwise . . ."

So I think I'm really ready for my own show now.  I think I'll call it, "On the Stove and On the Floor."  

For illustrative purposes:

On the Stove (in this episode, taco meat and zucchini)

And . . .

On the Floor

So, do you think I have a hit on my hands?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. You have all the skills: great cooking, articulate explanation and a "hook" (cute baby). Go for it!


Anonymous said...

You most certainly do ! Beth

Drew @ Willpower Is For Fat People said...

As long as every show starts with Charlie looking that happy, you're golden.

FinnyKnits said...

Actually, that'd probably be a huge hit. Everyone likes a baby on a sheepskin rug in the kitchen ;)