Friday, October 19, 2012


Fall is such a nice time of year here.  The weather gets all dry and sunny and cooler.  The leaves are lovely colors.  The backbreaking garden work is over for the year.

But it's such a damned mess.

The black walnuts try to break our spirits and our backs every year by dropping hundreds of pounds of disgusting walnuts that must all be picked up one by one.  Then they drop the little twigs that the walnuts grow on, and those twigs get all bunched up in the rake, making them also very annoying to clean up.  And THEN, they drop their leaves.

All the other trees drop their leaves too, of course.  We have really, really old trees around the house, in keeping with our really, really old house.  And those old trees are very large with many, many, MANY leaves.  So fall ends up being a few weeks of raking and burning leaves, with fun breaks for walnut disposal. Every day.

Cubby does not make this any easier with his insistence that every leaf pile is begging to be waded through and turned into more of a leaf carpet.  That then must be raked up again.  But you know, that's the beauty of fall when you're a child.  Because when you're a kid, fall isn't a season of neverending yard work--it's just fun.  So I just rake the piles all up again when he's done.

It's a small price to pay for good memories, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Good memories is what it is all about. We have a ton of black walnuts i put them in the basement and forgot them and figured out they make fantastic kindling to start that cold wood stove. Bonus. Still have not figured out how to get them off the lawn the easy way though. Jumped over from Karens blog. B

Terri said...

I share your feelings (Pain) on the black walnuts. The tree we have hangs out over the bedroom roof, (no attic)and nothing can make you jump higher than a walnut hitting the roof at 3 am right over your head! Love the photo of Cubby, it brings back memories of my own kids at that age. Enjoy the time with him now, they grow up much too quickly.

FinnyKnits said...

When he's older you can have HIM rake them back up into piles.


Daisy said...

Definitely plan for raking to be his responsibility when he's a teenager.