Monday, January 18, 2016

Highs, Lows, Who Cares

Okay, Jack. Just about over this "up-every-two-hours" phase. You, my good, tiny sir, had better start walking soon or getting those teeth through or whatever it is that's inciting you to wakefulness so frequently, because I am SO OVER IT. So is Daddy.

So tired. So tired of talking about how tired I am. So bored by it all.

Hey! I started the 30-Day Shred again this weekend! WHEE. My workout clothes have once again taken up permanent residence in the downstairs bedroom and I am once again reminded that I can't do pushups worth a damn. Also, this time around I have a non-walking child that requires a lot of carrying still, so that incredible start-up soreness is EXTRA FUN.

I seem to be into the all-caps today. Sorry about that. BUT NOT REALLY.

Just heard Charlie come downstairs. Have to go care for some children now. Supposed to snow all day. Good times ahead. (And no complete sentences, apparently.)

Peace out.


tu mere mere said...

Can't remember if this was the situation with the other two as well. I'm thinking even if it was, there is the problem with more sickness, which translates into less sleep, and, actually, more of everything that contributes to chronic tiredness, so guess it doesn't really matter. The only thing that makes it better is when you realize how totally awesome all three really are.

You are to be applauded and get a resounding atta girl for starting your exercise program. Can't say it will make you feel less tired, but it sure can help with your mental outlook by doing something that, although painful and tiring, can produce visually positive results!

Anonymous said...

You are brave even to attempt SHRED! Mary in MN