Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Keeping on the Sunny Side*

A rough night with Jack last night meant that I was sound asleep when Charlie came crashing in our door at 6:30 this morning. So instead of getting up before everyone else to get my exercise over with and have some quiet time, I instead shuffled downstairs in my pajamas and got dressed quickly while Charlie chattered at me through the bathroom door.


This meant that I was not doing push-ups at 5 a.m. And Charlie quickly immersed himself in building a train track in the living room while I drank my coffee by the woodstove in the dining room.

A. has night court tonight and the MiL has a meeting, leaving me with three small boys--at least one of whom (Cubby) will be quite peeved that Daddy is absent--who must be fed and entertained until their bedtime by me alone.


This means that I can make anything I want for dinner, without having to think too hard about things such as large quantities of meat or vegetables everyone will eat. I pretty much will eat anything the children enjoy, so . . . carrot sticks with Lazy Sloppy Joes in purchased pita bread it is! (Lazy Sloppy Joes are browned ground beef and chopped onion simmered with store-bought barbecue sauce, the end. Surprisingly good. And extremely easy.)

It's snowing and blowing and generally quite wintry out this morning.


This is the first real wintery morning we've had this winter, in marked contrast to last year's horrendous winter weather that I had to navigate with a newborn. And the MiL was home this morning to hang out with Jack, so I didn't have to get him bundled up and carry him through the blowing snow into the preschool to drop Charlie off.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to do my delayed exercise.

But! Then I get to take a hot shower (if Jack stays asleep).

See? There's always a sunny side. Just ask my mom. And June Carter Cash.

* Do you know this song? I love this song. I like the version by June Carter Cash. It reminds me of my mother, who we have always jokingly referred to as Pollyanna, due to her relentless optimism. I was singing this song this morning, and Charlie interrupted me with, "That is a very bad song, Mommy. Sun is very bad." Oh. Guess he lives in the right place then, huh?

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tu mere mere said...

Optimism doesn't cure tiredness, but it sure beats the fall out from pessimism. Your outlook rocks!

What does Charlie really know about good/bad songs and sun in particular ( I'll definitely have to listen to the song now). He should be lucky enough to be in the Arizona sunshine during the dreary, cold, huddled on the floor over the heat vent weather in your fair state. Keep on keeping on, daughter. We're here for you in spirit; not really a concrete benefit but good to say.