Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This Is Probably A Very Bad Idea

A few days ago, I asked the MiL to pick up some heavy cream the next time she was at the store that carries the real kind*. We usually buy a quart at a time. But this time, she found that they were half off, due to a sell-by date of the next day.

So she bought two quarts.

That's right. A half gallon of heavy cream that needed to be used rather quickly. This is a good problem to have. I'm not short on ideas of how to use it, but it is perhaps not the best complement to the exercise I've started just recently.

I currently have a very cream-heavy rice pudding on the stove. A double recipe, as a matter of fact, because I still had one entire quart of cream to use up. Not sure how long I would have to do jumping jacks to work off all that cream, but I think it would be many hours. Probably best not to think of it, actually.

Fitness sabotage of the most delicious kind, without doubt.

* Meaning NOT whipping cream, and NOT ultra-pasteurized. We have a local dairy that distributes real cream at some limited locations, and it is so much better than the crap with stabilizers and thickeners and whatever.


Linda DeVona said...

Have you used up all your cream? If not, put some in a mason jar with a tight lid and let the boys shake it until butter forms!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

We did use it all, actually, but I wish we had more so we could do this. Great idea. Next time . . .

Daisy said...

Ice cream! I sense the need for homemade ice cream!