Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Little Nostalgia for Christmas

We're leaving for Blackrock in about three hours, if I'm efficient in getting this insane clown posse out the door this morning. It's a six-hour drive if we're lucky and there isn't any bad weather on the way.

Well, if there isn't a LOT of bad weather. There is ALWAYS bad weather somewhere between here and Blackrock in the winter. Too many lakes that attract too much snow.


A long drive today with children means that I've already got my bag of carrot sticks* ready to go.

Most of you are probably all, "Carrot sticks? What the hell? Why don't you just stop at a gas station like a normal person and buy some chips to throw at the kids in the back of the minivan?"

Whereas my brother and sister are probably nodding their heads and thinking, "Bellows Beach road food."

See, when I was a kid and we were living in Hawaii, we would somewhat frequently make the long drive to the beach at Bellows, and my mom (or possibly my dad; I can't actually remember) would always cut up a large bag of carrot sticks for the drive.

Also, we always made our own sandwiches and wrapped them in aluminum foil so we could scratch our initial into the top and identify them before unwrapping.

Also also, there were always Fritos or potato chips.

I'm even less fun than my parents, however. I make popcorn to bring as a Big Treat instead of chips, and the sandwiches are all the same (because every one of the small ones likes peanut butter and jelly and it's just easier that way**) and all packed in one big plastic container so as to avoid the aluminum foil.

But there are still those carrot sticks.

It's road trippin' time. Merry Christmas Eve, my lovelies.

* That's right, I said carrot sticks, not baby carrots. Baby carrots are an abomination that taste like bleach and I absolutely cannot stand them. Not that I have strong feelings on this subject.

** A. and I don't eat the sandwiches, anyway. We subsist on the carrot sticks and almonds until we arrive at our destination. It is just now occurring to me that possibly I wouldn't hate long drives so much if I entertained myself with junk food instead of carrot sticks and almonds. But it's hard to defy that early childhood training.


tu mere said...

Merry Christmas Eve my lovies! Bet the kids love going back to Blackrock, after they get out of the car that is. Have a beautifully cold white christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Sandy, warm carrot sticks. I remember my fingers being tinged orange from so many of them. And yet, I still wore glasses. Great memory.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas at Blackrock! A special "hello" to the MiL from Mary in MN.

Marsha said...

Got to have real carrots! I agree those baby carrots taste gross!! Merry Christmas!

Daisy said...

My kids are grown up now, and when we hit the road for one reason or another, we often grab almost-fast food. One of our favorites is Culver's. It's sort of fast food, but higher quality than the mass marketed drive through places, and made to order - never sitting under a light waiting for a customer.
Mm. Now I'm craving one of their Butter Burgers.
When we eat in rather than get to-go, I often get their soup, with good Wisconsin cheese curds on the side. You are much more nutritious, you with your carrot sticks.