Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Two Unrelated Things

First, because I'm sure you were all consumed with curiosity about what I brought the plow guys: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And it was a supreme effort of will for me not to eat them all. I do not ever make cookies. Because it's always a supreme effort of will for me not to eat them all.

Now I just have to make a few loaves of bread for teacher/mail lady/neighbor gifts, buy some office supplies for the children's stockings (what, you wouldn't be thrilled to receive tape for Christmas?), and Christmas is good to go.

Second, I took Jack to the pediatrician yesterday for his two-year check-up and discovered that our pediatrician has a resident puppy. Name of George. Five months old (though surprisingly calm for such a young dog), half standard poodle, half Burmese mountain dog, all curly fur and big paws. Apparently, the doctor lives on the top floor of the building in which his practice is located, and the dog comes downstairs with him in the morning to hang out all day.

I thought this was swell, and so did Jack and Charlie, but I did wonder if all children are so happy to see an enormous black dog come wandering into their exam room.

Whatever. It was fun to see a random fluffy dog in a place that is not normally so fun.

And now I must go read a book to Charlie. I'm out.


tu mere said...

Random fluffy dog to help deal with random extra children in the exam room. Brilliant on the Drs part, minus the fright factor.

Anonymous said...

I actually DID wonder , just this morning , what you ended up taking the plow guys.
Do you put butterscotch chips in yours as well as chocolate chips?
I super dooper love the idea of the pup , especially to make the children calmer and not think about the shots or whatever they are going to get done. Good job doc!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Nope, nothing so fancy as butterscotch. Frankly, I bake so infrequently, I'm lucky to have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.