Monday, December 19, 2016

A Third-child Birthday

So the third kid turns two? Whee! Here, have some leftover cupcakes from Daddy's birthday with a single candle to blow out!

Obviously, standards get lower.

Not that Jack cares. You know what he cares about? The rule I made that when he opened his presents, his brothers were not allowed to touch anything until he chose what he wanted to play with. And if he wanted to take one of the birthday toys that they were playing with, they had to give it to him.

For the littlest brother, power over the toys is pretty much everything he wants.

Animal sounds toy? Mine.*

Monster truck? Gimme.

If only he turned two every day. Sorry, kid. Back to the toy struggle today.

* Apologies for the dark photos. Not so much sunlight on December 18 here in the far north.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best idea ever for a youngest-child birthday present!

flask said...

you make awesome rules.