Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Kindness in Action

Cubby and Charlie's school is participating in The Great Kindness Challenge, which is all very nice and wholesome and I hope results in, uh, greater kindness all around.

Yesterday was the first day of the challenge activities (whatever those might be--I'm a little fuzzy on the details of checklists and so on), and Cubby apparently was very inspired by it all.

After dinner when I finished up a roll of paper towels, I gave him the cardboard tube to play with on the condition that he not menace anyone with it.

Not only did he not menace with it, he unrolled it to create the following sign:

Perhaps the location above the thermostat is meant to remind us that acts of kindness can warm our cold hearts? Or maybe that's just the best stretch of bare wall he could reach with the step stool.

He also put one on their bedroom door, thereby claiming our whole house for The Great Kindness Challenge. 

And then, less than five hours after those signs were posted, I was awakened by Charlie crying in our room because Cubby had gotten cold and stolen Charlie's down comforter while Charlie was sleeping.

Cubby's commitment to the challenge is truly inspiring. And apparently confined to school.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be fewer 'no mommies aloud' signs around the house? This is a very funny post; it's fun to see how little kids think

tu mere said...

I guess cold trumps kindness. Oops, I have to take out a word in that sentence, even though it's appropriate considering the lack of kindness on Cubby's part. Moving on - Can't wait to hear what the checklist entails. Keep us updated on the peace it most assuredly will bring to your humble abode.