Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Great Grocery Store Exercise Plan

Did you know that pushing a grocery cart is an excellent workout for your core? Well, it is if you wait to go to the store until you're out of every fresh fruit and vegetable, plus things like olive oil and big cans of tomatoes, resulting in a extra-heavy cart that requires some exertion to get rolling, maneuver around corners, and bring to a halt before running over your fellow shoppers.

At least I didn't have a kid in the cart, too. I might have strained something.


Anonymous said...

You will find that at a certain age, the grocery cart fills in for a walker--and makes you look forward to aging. How pathetic is that! Mary in MN

Roger A. Post said...

You could ramp up the exercise plan by ensuring that the store parking lot has a great deal of icy ruts and/or unplowed snow :-)

tu mere said...

No kids with, so much better. As you know, the amount of food purchased each year will increase exponentially with your three boys appetites, so start/keep working that core!