Friday, February 3, 2017

Skunk Boys at School

Today is "Crazy for Kindness" at Cubby and Charlie's school, which meant they could wear crazy socks or have crazy hair for The Great Kindness Challenge. They do not own any crazy socks, and it's sort of hard to have crazy hair when you have a buzz cut. Except . . .

I was planning on giving them their monthly head-shaving this weekend anyway. So last night I shaved everything except a strip down the middle, thinking it would be like a mohawk. The contrast in length wasn't enough to really look like much, though, so this morning I added some of my mousse, sifted some cornstarch over that, and then hair sprayed it in place.

Possibly the lamest crazy hair ever, but I didn't have much to work with.

Jack of course demanded that he get the same thing his brothers did, so I sifted some cornstarch onto his head too.

Isn't he lucky to have such an indulgent mother?

They then spent the time before the school bus came crawling around and sticking their, ahem, dupas* in each other's faces to spray like a skunk. 

Sorry, teachers. This was maybe not my most thought-out plan. But hey, you want crazy hair? You get crazy boys. 

* Do you know the word "dupa"? This is a Polish word my Milwaukee-raised father used when I was a child in place of the word "butt," which was a word we were not allowed to use. Except when I looked up dupa just now, I found that its most common meaning is actually "ass," so he was really swearing in Polish throughout my entire childhood. HA.


tu mere said...

See how creative you've become; kids do that for you. Thanks for the info on dupa. At least y'all were anatomically correct when you used it!

Anonymous said...

Will there be any stories of how the skunk boys did at school and home?

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Oh, they were fine. They confine that sort of inappropriate play to home. For better or for worse . . .