Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mr. Green Thumb Grows Garlic

If you've been reading here for a long (loooong) time, you may remember when Cubby took it upon himself to plant his own garden. He found and planted peas. He watered them. He spread compost on them. He weeded them. He ate them.

He was five years old. It was pretty impressive.

This past fall, when A. was in the throes of his massive garlic planting, Cubby decided he wanted to plant some garlic, too. So he took a head of garlic and planted it in a completely random spot near the propane tank. The area had not been prepped for planting. We had no idea how well garlic would grow here. But he planted them. He watered them. He weeded them. And this week, he dug up his garlic.

They are huge.

He carefully spread them out so I could get a good picture of their hugeness, which unfortunately doesn't really show too well when they're spread out like that.

They really are some impressive heads of garlic. Bigger than most I've ever grown, for sure. 

He's going to enter one of the biggest heads into the county fair in the vegetable division. And then he's going to plant all those cloves again, so that next year, he can have forty heads of garlic instead of seven.

Maybe next year I should just put him in charge of the whole garden.

Oh, and did you happen to note the boys grappling in the background of Cubby's garlic spread there? That would be Charlie holding on to Jack so he wouldn't get into the picture and get any of the credit for the garlic. This photo shows the scene even better.

A literal snapshot of my life. 


Gemma's person said...

Holeeeeee moleeeeeee. Cubby is the man!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Cubby is the man!!!! He cooks & he gardens, too! WOW!

Marsha said...

Good job!!

Gemma's person said...

He hunts as well , I just remarked to my husband today, he is doing everything.

tu mere said...

Charlie the Enforcer - Love it. I'm sure you have big plans as to what to do with all the garlic produced. Can't wait to hear how the garlic stacks up at the fair.